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The Talent Cold War is Real. Are you Losing the Battle?

A business person conducts a virtual interview with a freelance remote worker.

Does this scenario feel familiar? Your company made it through the worst of the pandemic, bruised but intact. Just when it looked like things might turn around, a slew of two-week notices hit the HR department. Suddenly you’ve lost your top workers, and you aren’t really sure why.

In the past, your main competition for top talent was other employers. Now, the employees entered the fray – in a surprising way. Workers are quitting in droves, and their positions remain unfilled. It turns out you may be your worst enemy in the talent cold war.

A Shift in What Workers Want

In Sept. 2021, a record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs. In fact, tens of millions of Americans quit their jobs this year. Some estimates state that as many as 1 in 4 workers left their jobs voluntarily since January.

While every industry must deal with losses, the largest concentration is in sectors where work is relatively low-paying or in-person. According to a recent survey by Yoh, “40% of employed Americans reported that they would only consider work that was at least part-time out of the traditional office, with 24% only considering hybrid work and 16% only considering remote work.”

An increased demand for more flexibility, coupled with the Great Resignation creating a shift towards entrepreneurism and freelancing for many workers, it’s safe to say the work landscape looks different now and for 2022.

2020’s Impact on the Workforce

The pandemic changed everything. “During the extended pandemic period, many workers formed new habits, moved further away from offices, and discovered a work/life balance that favored ‘life’ over ‘work.’ Now, these employees are wondering why they would ever go back to the old ways,” said Elizabeth Eiss, Founder and CEO of the talent curation and freelance recruiting platform ResultsResourcing.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way Americans work and, in turn, the workforce has become more open to, and could actually prefer, working remotely or on a hybrid basis. As indicated by the survey, it’s clear that companies looking to fill positions no longer need to limit candidate pools by location as some Americans are interested in remote work,” said Emmett McGrath, President of Yoh. “Companies have an opportunity to expand their talent pools. However, it’s still a challenge to put the right processes in place to find, recruit and place them into their organization.”

The current labor shortage highlights that no employer ever “has control” over their workforce, whether W2 employees or contractors. So, the idea that it’s more secure to have full-time employees is an illusion.

Partnering with virtual freelancers is the ideal solution for a company’s talent shortage. Doing so enables companies to:

  • Utilize top talent regardless of where they live.
  • Make the most of a highly flexible workforce.
  • Take advantage of a nimble talent strategy to quickly scale staffing on demand.
  • Add untapped skills and experience.
  • Discover new best practices introduced by contract talent.

Companies that are slow or unwilling to offer remote work options will lose access to a desirable talent pool. However, for companies uncertain about finding and managing remote employees – as well as those needing assistance improving remote environments adopted during the pandemic – help is immediately available: ResultsResourcing.

How ResultsResourcing Can Help You Adapt – And Excel

ResultsResourcing is an expert in pairing companies with top virtual freelance talent with a platform designed specifically for small businesses. ResultsResourcing's unique no-hassle contract talent-curation process ensures that their clients find the specific contractors they need.

  • Each new contracting position is assigned a recruiter.
  • Beginning with a consult call, the client and ResultsResourcing recruiter build a detailed job profile together.
  • The position is posted on the ResultsResourcing platform and other high-profile third-party platforms, like LinkedIn.
  • The ResultsResourcing recruiter sifts through all applicants to discover 8-10 of the most qualified candidates.
  • The recruiter then personally interviews each of those top qualifiers and narrows the possibilities down to three candidates.
  • Finally, the client meets with the final three contenders and selects the best fit for their organization.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.

Employees are resigning in record numbers seeking flexible, remote work. Fortunately, ResultsResourcing is available to help your business competitively position yourselves. Schedule a free consultation with a ResultsResourcing expert and discover how they can help you hire top freelance talent without any hassle.

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