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High caliber talent in record time!

"We were able to complete a significant grant application, in record time, with high caliber talent."

The president of Pro Mujer, a women’s development organization, was able to complete a significant grant application with the help of several freelancers through ResultsResourcing.

When Maria first came to ResultsResourcing, she had a simple problem to solve: she needed a multi-million dollar grant application completed. And, her problem came with a barrier that many organizations face—they needed it fast, in about 30 days.

ResultsResourcing provided key freelancers to help Maria’s team advance their process and submit a high quality document all while keeping the team’s enthusiasm up.

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On a scale from 1-10, working with ResultsResourcing has been a 15!

"ResultsResourcing saved us time, energy, money and best of all...has made us more efficient! On a scale from 1-10, working with ResultsResourcing has been a 15! I have several more jobs lined up for them and have told all our best clients!"

The president of Spa Industry Association needed to replace a beloved jack-of-all-trades and master-of-many employee who had been with him for over 14 years. Instead of trying out other solutions, he knew to go to Elizabeth and ResultsResourcing right away.

Allan decided to split the role into two parts. ResultsResourcing filled both roles with experienced freelancers. Allan got a data processing expert who was comfortable managing Salesforce—merging names, pulling lists, and updating databases. “It wasn’t complicated [work], but we needed specific skills related to databasing.” ResultsResourcing also provided him with a freelancer in New Mexico who could handle all their database tasks whenever they needed.

On the heels of that initial success, Allan also came to ResultsResourcing to fill a more significant role—a digital and social media marketer. ResultsResourcing found him a freelancer who was able to cover the bases—creating product emails, writing blog posts, and providing touchpoints to all their vendor partners on a monthly basis—and handle a wide range of other harder-to-find skills, such as turning raw footage into useable videos and supporting Spa Industry Association at trade shows.

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Scaling quickly, with ease

“ResultsResourcing helped me scale my business quickly, easily, and with great cost-effectiveness.”

When Mae, the founder of an influencer marketing agency, came to RR she needed a way to find a great freelancer who could fit with their dynamic culture.

Mae’s team helps brands connect in an authentic way with social media influencers, and she needed to find multiple freelancers to help her scale in a cost-effective way.

ResultsResourcing was able to listen to her business needs and execute by finding great freelancers who fit in well with their culture and processes. Because of her partnership with ResultsResourcing, Obvious.ly has been more successful than ever.

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ResultsResourcing found my unicorn

"I wanted a top-notch project manager who ideally used to be a designer. ResultsResourcing found my unicorn. I could have paid double and it would have been worth it!"
Suzanne Reeves, Creative Director & CEO, Art+Soul Design

Suzanne, a successful brand strategist and design professional for mission-driven entrepreneurs, was burning the candle at both ends. Between running her business, handling client requests and managing her team, she was concerned about making deadlines.

Art+Soul Design needed a freelance project manager, but Suzanne wanted someone who used to be a designer so they would have a deep understanding of the workflow and task demands. She thought this request was a pipe dream.

Within two weeks, ResultsResourcing had found her ideal freelancer. A designer-turned-project-manager, who used to work for Google and was just as passionate as Suzanne about helping purpose-driven clients.

The freelancer went above and beyond to help Suzanne's team get back on track—winning over clients, ensuring deadlines were met, and even helping to improve the estimate process.

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Amazing results—from day one

“My freelancer had ideas right off the bat for how I could grow my agency. Her experience and initiative was perfect for me. I recommend ResultsResourcing to anyone trying to grow their business. It's so flexible and affordable.”
Gary McNally, President, GMC Insurance Brokers

As a busy insurance brokerage president, Gary didn’t have time to organize his paperless office in an efficient way. All of his files, call logs, emails, and documents were piling up on his desktop. He needed a smarter, safer way to keep up with the times, but he didn't have the knowledge or time to take it on himself.

Luckily, he knew just where to look when he needed support.

ResultsResourcing partnered Gary up with a skilled administrative assistant with hands-on experience growing insurance agencies. She not only got his company organized and up-to-date with the latest office management systems, but showed incredible initiative.

Gary is still working with his freelancer, who has added other new projects to support his company’s growth.

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Switching platforms got results

“ResultsResourcing shortcuts the whole recruiting process. We didn’t have time to vet a large volume of candidates, so to have someone do that for you—and provide a recommendation—is huge.”
Andrew Barry, Founder & CEO, Curious Lion

The CEO of a training design company needed an experienced marketing freelancer to help support his company as they scaled.

Before going to ResultsResourcing, Andrew, the company’s CEO, took it on himself to search through freelancers on a leading job board. While it was a great tool to find freelancers, the volume and selection process was overwhelming. Even more time consuming was the vetting process to ensure they were selecting the best candidate.

It quickly became apparent that doing it himself was neither cost efficient nor necessarily effective.

Once he came to ResultsResourcing, the talent curation team had him up and running within 2 weeks, working with an MBA-graduate-turned-marketer who quickly got to work.

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ResultsResourcing goes head-to-head with an HR consultant

"I would have never found [my freelancer] had it not been for ResultsResourcing. I didn’t have to sort through candidates—they took the information I provided and they delivered."
Jeremie Miller, Director of Operations, Indrani’s Light Foundation

Jeremie, the Director of Operations of a domestic violence non-profit needed an exceptional "second-set-of-eyes" virtual assistant, who could also post blogs and take down the minutes in meetings.

He absolutely needed to find the right person the first time, so he decided to do a side-by-side comparison: he worked with both ResultsResourcing and a professional HR consultant to find the best freelancer.

He chose the freelancer recommended by ResultsResourcing. She not only had all the necessary skills and educational background, she was also the perfect cultural fit. Her specific blend of experience and skills were hard to find in one person and made her an ideal match:

  • Master’s degree in non-profit management and sociology
  • Skilled in liaising with CEOs
  • Experience working with non-profits
  • Experience with CMS systems

He was so pleased with her performance that he has kept working with his master's-grad-turned-VA for well over half a year now.

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