Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

That's an easy one. Click here!

How does it work?

ResultsResourcing is THE freelance job platform that comes with your own recruiter. That means you’ll get help from human experts to hire the freelancer best suited for the work you need done.

Once you've registered, sign up for a FREE job profile consult ,or take our free online survey to define your job requirements. You’ll then pay our Talent Curation fee, which is generally less than $1k/per search (it’s an algorithm that determined a recruiting price based on your job factors).  

We begin a search to find and vet freelance talent best-matched to your needs. In about 3 weeks, we’ll provide you with a Talent Pool of three vetted virtual freelance resources best suited to your core job requirements. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Is the Recruiter Package right for me?

Our Recruiter Package is ideal for when you need to find the right  person the first time, need a very particular mix of skills, want a  freelancer for repeat business, or simply wish to hand off the hard part to  an expert. Then it’s worth the investment to hire our recruitment team, for  far less than traditional staffing agencies charge.


Our success guarantee is tied to the specifics of your job profile in terms of the top priority roles, skills and availability you are looking for. We will provide three qualified candidates who can perform the core work your job profile outlines. Each candidate will bring something different to the table. The candidates will also meet your workstyle preferences but we cannot guarantee personality match as this element is highly subjective


To effect the guaranteed, you must interview all candidates in the TalentPool within thirty (30) days of the distribution date.

Do you do Background or Reference Checks?

No. We have partners who do this work for an additional charge. Or, you can conduct this work yourself after the interview process.

What does the Recruiter package involve?

It's an easy three-step process, with success guaranteed.

  1. Create a quality Job Profile that will attract the freelance pros you want to work with. To do this, sign up for our Free Job Profile consult or complete the Job Survey
  3. Our team of recruiting experts will conduct a talent search across multiple platforms to find freelance pros who are the best fit for your custom job profile. In about 3 weeks, we’ll send you an online Talent Pool of three qualified candidates who have been interviewed and pre-vetted for your job. We'll let you know why we chose them and even the order we recommend them in.
  5. You get to review each candidate's detailed profile, job proposal and our recommendation write up.  We’ll coordinate interviews with each of them for you.  Then       choose the one you like best and click to hire through the ResultsResourcing platform.
How long does it take to find my freelancer?

Using our RecruiterPackage, the hiring time is reduced to about three weeks.It take time for the best candidates to see your job, propose and get interviewed and vettedby us on your behalf.

What if I'm not satisfied with my freelancer?

Withour Recruiter Package, you have 30 days to assess the “fit” of yourfreelancer.


Our success guarantee is tied to the specifics of your job profile in terms of the top priority roles, skills and availability you are looking for. We will provide three qualified candidates who can perform the core work your job profile outlines.


To effect the guaranteed, you must have interviewed all candidates in the Talent Pool.


Not satisfied? Reach out to us to tell us how your chosen freelancer failed to meet the core requirements of your job profile and describe what you did to onboard and communicate with that freelancer.  You may be able to select a new match from your pre-vetted TalentPool.

May I talk with freelancers before hiring them?

Yes. We encourage you to interview all candidates in the Talent Pool so you can compare.

Interviews must be completed within thirty (30) days of the Talent Pool’s distribution date. We will gladly coordinate interviews for you - just let us know!

Do you offer freelancers to work onsite?

No. We provide virtual freelancers who work remotely.

What is your pricing?

Pricing for our Recruiter Package is dependent upon your Job Profile and the corresponding complexity of the TalentSearch needed for your job requirements. We use an algorithm to determine the exact fee, but pricing is generally less than $1k per job search.

Our fees are far less compared to talent agencies. Even doing it yourself can cost more. The entrepreneur loses on average 11 hours and $1,500 finding a freelancer (with no guarantee!) Our fee is a smart investment to get it right the first time.

How do I pay?

Payments are made through our site, powered by Stripe's gold-standard payment gateway. You can pay by bank card or ACH bank transfer.

Can you help onboard my chosen freelancer(s)?

Yes. We are happy to support you and your freelancer as they’re getting acquainted with the new role and processes to make sure communication is established and essential questions are answered. Development of internal materials and processes to onboard a new freelancer into your team are up to you and your workflow. We offer this as an add-on service.

How do I apply to be a part of ResultsResourcing's Talent Pool?

We're always looking for talented professionals interested in freelance work. We are continuously building our base of freelancers in the wide array of service areas our clients need.

Please Click HERE to register.

Why do I need to complete a Talent Profile?

The information from the Talent Survey PROFILE becomes your Talent Profile which is used to:

1) match you with jobs

2) provide information to potential clients for jobs you propose on


If you register using the LinkedIn link, your profile will pre-fill with basic information about you and your LinkedIn profile link.

The Talent Survey Profile is the best way to represent why YOU are a great candidate for a client's job needs – and communicates your skills, general pricing and availability. You'll be able to edit your profile at any time to add skills, expand descriptions, up-load attachments.

Can I be hired for more than one job via ResultsResourcing?

Yes! You can propose on and be hired for more  than one job. We expect you to be clear and honest about your time  availability (and limitations!) as to not over commit. Many freelancers happily work with multiple  clients via ResultsResourcing.


In order to be matched with a variety of jobs  on which you can propose, your profile should be comprehensive of with all the skills you offer.

What does your satisfaction guarantee mean for freelancers?

Given how carefully we vet freelancers, we guarantee the matching of the finalists in our Talent Pools for 30-days, after job award.  Our success guarantee is tied to the specifics of the job profile in terms of the top priority roles, skills and availability.


We are highly commitment committed and invested in the success of our matches so both the client and chosen freelancer succeed together.

What makes ResultsResourcing different from other freelance job platforms?

ResultsResourcing  benefits the best freelancers in multiple ways:

1)     Clients have hired us – they are invested in our talent curation process and service

2)     We coach clients on clear job roles and pricing for the level of talent their job requires

3)     Expert recruiters go beyond resumes and profiles to make best-matches between a client’s job and freelance pros

4)     Jobs on our platform tend to be long-term and pay well

5)     You’ll get email notices of job your Talent Survey Profile matches

6)     It’s free to propose; you can propose on as many jobs as you want

7)     We  curate clients and job FOR you: reduce your marketing and business development costs and payment risk.

Does it cost anything to register?

No! There is no cost to register as Talent on the ResultsResourcingPlatform.

I'm registering as a company, do I need to fill in a Talent Survey?

A freelancer may be an individual or a company.

Either way, you will need to fill in the Talent Survey Profile so we understand the skills and experience you bring to the table and enable the ResultsResourcing platform to match you to jobs.

If you are a company with several divisions, you may create one profile which represents all divisions, or create different profiles for each specialty division.

Will I get notified when I have a job match?

Yes! When a job is posted that matches the skills in your profile, you will be notified and invited to submit a proposal on the  job.

At any time, you can always check your Talent Console to see the latest jobs that match your skills. We look forward to your proposals!

Can I speak with the client directly?

Yes – if you are one of the finalists in a Talent Pool for a job.  If a client has purchased the Recruiter Package, they will receive a hand-picked Talent Pool of top candidates for their job.  We’ll coordinate interviews between you and the client.

How many proposals can i make?

You can make as many proposals on as many jobs as you’d like. There is no cost to propose.

Are there any fees involved as a freelancer?

Registering for the ResultsResourcing platform and applying for jobs on our platform is always free.

You decide what you want to charge each time you propose for a job. This is known as theService Fee you charge for your work. It can be hourly or milestone based.

ResultsResourcingwill keep a portion of your Services Fees, if you are awarded a job. A PlatformFee of up to 20% will be deducted from your pay.  When you create a proposal you will see thePlatform Fee percentage so you can increase your rate to factor that cost in.

Most freelancers choose to get paid via a StripeConnected Account, which allows ResultsResourcing to pay you with no processing fee, on behalf of your direct client.  If you do not have a Stripe Connected Account, we will pay you via PayPal; we encourage you to also add the 3% PayPal processing fee to your Services Fee rate to account for this.

How do I get matched with jobs?

You get matched in several ways:

1)    You respond to a job posting via a link to register and  propose.  This will lead to matches to other jobs in the same category.

2)    You register from the ResultsResourcing website and  select a work category you are interested in. This will lead to matches to other jobs in the same category

3)    You update your Talent Profile to list skills and tools which match client job postings. You can list as many business skills and tools as you’d like.

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