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Meet Elizabeth

ResultsResourcing was founded by Elizabeth Eiss, a results guru who helps people get things done well. She loves to empower business owners to live their purpose and thrive in today’s economy. 

A highly accomplished C-suite executive, Elizabeth left a successful career in the insurance industry for the excitement and challenge of leading startups back in 2000. Since then, she has tackled the same challenges many entrepreneurs face. 

Everyone was always wearing 13 different hats and freelancers were brought in to provide specialized skills and to help scale. Elizabeth soon discovered she had an innate talent for finding the right talent quickly and efficiently.

It was at this point that an image of a blowfish swam through her mind...

The vision

The Blowfish Effect

Blowfish increase their chances for survival by being able to expand to a much larger size when needed, then shrink back to a lean form. Elizabeth realized it was exactly what entrepreneurs needed to do to succeed. 

By bringing freelancers on board, small businesses can quickly expand their size the moment work demands increase, then reduce back to a smaller size when necessary.

The economic advantages are immense. But true success depends on finding the right freelancers and that is where Elizabeth could see that traditional job boards aren't enough.

An image of a blow fish at normal size and when puffed up large. An analogy for how businesses can scale up and down easily by hiring freelancers.
The ResultsResourcing symbol—a checkmark in a box with ruler units.
Getting results

ResultsResourcing is born

Elizabeth founded ResultsResourcing in 2012 to realize her vision for enabling businesses to scale quickly and efficiently by finding the right freelancers, the first time.

She has led her team to develop a platform that combines the efficiency of a job board with the expertise of qualified human talent curators. 

True to her vision, ResultsResourcing has a lean core team and brings on freelancers and specialists as needed to meet business goals.

We walk our talk

Meet our Core Team


Elizabeth knows how to get things done. She is an agile workforce specialist who has successfully led multi-billion dollar organizations and startups in technology, alternative investments, and staffing.


Bill is an out-of-the box thinker and senior financial executive, with extensive F1000 and Big-4 experience. He has a strong track record improving margins, maximizing cash flows and increasing shareholder value.


Aaron has founded and scaled several businesses in media and IT. A wizard in analytics and web development, Aaron has a flair for innovative and secure software design and has built numerous high-level web platforms.

We do what we do the best and outsource the rest.
Just like you, we needed an agile, on-demand workforce to scale our business. We use our own ResultsResourcing platform to expand our operations and hire great freelancers to help us augment our core team.”
Elizabeth Eiss, Founder & CEO, ResultsResourcing
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