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What makes ResultsResourcing different from other freelance platforms? We have humans who help!

ResultsResourcing merges tried and true traditional staffing approaches with everything great about online job board platforms to best-match client jobs with talented freelance professionals.

How does ResultsResourcing benefit the best freelancers?  In multiple ways:

  1. Clients have hired us – they are invested in our talent curation service
  2. We coach clients on clear job roles and realistic pricing
  3. Jobs on our platform tend to be long-term and pay well
  4. It’s free to propose. And, you can propose on as many jobs as you match
  5. Our recruiters go beyond resumes to find the best-matches and do a video-interview
  6. The top candidates also interview with the client

We curate clients and jobs FOR YOU too: ResultsResourcing reduces your marketing and business development costs -- and payment risk.

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