How we find your ideal freelancer

Old way:

Search endlessly

Search and review an overwhelming number of freelancer profiles.

Cross Your Fingers

Post your job on a single platform and hope that good applicants apply.

Make your best guess

Pick whomever seems to be the best fit for your project (on paper)...if you're wrong, start all over again.

Our way:


We search multiple platforms, review hundreds of freelancers and interview top candidates for your job.

Roi on your time

We deliver three pre-vetted candidates who meet your exact requirements.

Success Guaranteed

Select a qualified freelancer from a talent pool we recommend with our If you aren’t satisfied with your selection in the first 30 days, choose another!


You Want:

Quality, affordable contract talent to meet specific roles or needs.

We Deliver:

The BEST-MATCHED freelancers FOR you –

Saving time & money.

How we find your best-matched freelancer

We screen candidates across multiple job boards to find your curated Talent Pool—a group of pre-vetted, virtual freelancers who are best-matched for your job.

You need the best talent, and don’t want to spend hours searching virtual freelancer profiles. You also need the best talent, right now.

That’s why we created Results Resourcing, to ensure that you get the best virtual freelance talent when you need them. We find and curate the talent for you, so you can stay focused on what you do best, running your business. We do it FOR YOU – help craft your job description and then custom curate talent pools of freelancers best-matched to YOUR JOB.

In less time than it will take you to develop a job description and start to search platforms, we can find, vet and send you top-notch candidates that will meet your needs - whether you're looking to hire a programmer or content writer.

Outsourcing work to anyone other than your team can be scary, which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We source the best talent, with the most experience and bring them to you. Satisfaction guaranteed. Then you interview and you choose. Satisfaction guaranteed.

ResultsResourcing is the best place to hire freelancers.

Work with only the quality, vetted  freelance talent.