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Freelance Services and Skills: Virtual Assistants

A business professional remotely works with a freelance virtual assistant.

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “freelance virtual assistant” at one point or another, but many business owners may not fully grasp what the role can be or the benefits it can offer. In this short article, we’ll define what a freelance virtual assistant is, the types of services they provide, what they can do to help streamline your business operations, and how to find the right VA for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A freelance virtual assistant is a remote independent contractor who provides operational administrative support for your business, typically on a flexible hours basis. Virtual assistants are often the ideal choice for small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and busy professionals who need support with the non-core tasks running a business requires that they don't have time for or lack the skillset to complete themselves.

Now that we have answered the question about what a virtual assistant is, it’s time to discuss the types of virtual assistants and the services they can provide.

Types of Virtual Assistant Freelancers

There are three main fields virtual assistants can fall into: generalists, specialists, and executive assistants. Generalist VAs have a host of administrative skills and can complete a variety of tasks. Specialist VAs can also complete a variety of administrative tasks but also choose to focus in one or two areas such as marketing, bookkeeping or on an industry. Executive assistants or EAs are typically more experienced in providing higher-level, professional administrative support for the executives of a business.

Below we dive into four of the top service categories and skills that VA’s can provide for your business.

4 Popular Virtual Assistant Services:

1.    Administrative Support

  • Administrative operational tasks (answering phones, email management, contact management, etc.)
  • Calendar management and appointment scheduling
  • Meeting coordination
  • Travel planning
  • Internet research
  • Template-based communications
  • Transcription

2.    Data Entry:

  1. Obtaining and organizing data
  2. Data entry into data management systems (e.g. CRM)
  3. Pulling reports from systems

3.    Bookkeeping:

  • Financial recordkeeping
  • Data entry into bookkeeping systems
  • Expense management
  • Invoicing and payment processing

4.    Marketing Support

  • Social media administration
  • Copyediting
  • Posting prepared content to website
  • Newsletter support and administration

Though these are some of the most common skillsets sourced, VA offerings can expand beyond those listed above.

Virtual Assistant Benefits and How to Choose the Right One for You

It goes without saying that freelancers offer a variety of benefits by providing essential operational support and offer the flexibility to scale up and down cost-effectively.

To recap a few of the major benefits of using a freelance virtual assistant:

  1. Your increased productivity to get more done
  2. Your ability to focus on the high value core work of your business
  3. Access to skills you need, for just the time you need those skills
  4. Reduced labor costs and expenses
  5. Increased flexibility

When choosing a freelance virtual assistant, you should begin by first considering the tasks that you need to outsource, the skills that you need, the level of expertise and the rates that you are willing to pay in exchange for the value you’ll receive.

You can find resources on your own through an online job platform.  When taking the do-it-yourself approach, it’s important to be clear on your needs, read reviews, and check references before hiring someone. While doing it yourself is tempting, this can also be challenging as it takes your time away from the focus of your business, often requires a significant upfront time investment and can ultimately cost you more if the resource doesn’t work out.

The second approach involves partnering with a recruitment service. Outsourced recruiting solutions help you clearly define your needs and mitigate hiring risk and mistakes by eliminating the guesswork. And recruiting service, do the work for you: they assist with building job descriptions, offer expert advice and find and interview candidates based on your specific needs.

Find your Virtual Assistant with ResultsResourcing

Working with freelance VA talent can help you deliver the service your customers have come to expect from you, and ResultsResourcing works to give you a choice of freelancers best-matched for your business, satisfaction guaranteed.

ResultsResourcing’s unique, no-hassle, talent-curation process begins with assigning a recruiter for each new contracting position. The recruiter and client then work together to create a detailed job profile which is used to find qualified candidates. The recruiter then sifts through all applicants to discover the top 8-10 candidates, interviews them, and creates a customized talent pool with the three best-matched choices. Finally, the client meets with the final three contenders and selects the best fit for their organization.

Ready to learn more? Book your free 30-minute, no obligation session to learn how ResultsResourcing can find the right virtual assistant for your needs.

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