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Case Studies

Real Results for Real People

“We were able to complete a significant grant application, in record time, with high caliber talent.”
~Maria Cavalcanti, President & CEO, Pro Mujer
“ResultsResourcing saved us time, energy, money and, best of all, made us more efficient!”
~Allan Share, President, Spa Industry Assoc.
“ResultsResourcing helped me scale my business quickly, easily, and with great cost-effectiveness.”
~Mae Karwowski, Founder/CEO,
Let us find the best
freelancer for your project

We screen candidates across multiple job boards to find your curated Talent Pool — a group
of pre-vetted, virtual freelancers who are best-matched for your job..

You need the best talent, and don’t want to spend hours searching virtual freelancer profiles. You also need the right result.

That’s why we created Results Resourcing, to ensure that you get the best virtual freelance talent when you need them. We find and curate the talent for you, so you can stay focused on what you do best, running your business. We do it FOR YOU – help craft your job description and then custom curate talent pools of freelancers best-matched to YOUR JOB.

Outsourcing work to anyone other than your team can be scary, which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We source the best talent, with the most experience and bring them to you. Then you interview and you choose. Satisfaction guaranteed.

ResultsResourcing is the best place to hire freelancers.

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