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Freelance Recruiting Platforms are Changing the Virtual Marketplace

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Over the last decade, Freelance Recruiting platforms have emerged as a key source of general freelance talent and highly specialized resources, such as marketing, programmers, and even nurses.

If you’re unfamiliar with this trend as a business owner, it’s worth your time to learn more. Freelance Recruiting platforms allow companies to quickly find freelance talent to match staffing gaps.

According to Google, hundreds of platforms help businesses find freelancers, the most notable being Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal. At the same time, business owners spend hours searching these freelance platforms trying to find the talent that meets their skill and quality needs.

Experts have noted many best practices for finding freelancers – these include balancing costs and understanding what work can be outsourced effectively. Working with a recruiter who specializes in finding the right talent is one key way to save time, but that can add significant cost to hiring.

That’s why an evolving trend is for some freelance platforms to use technology and recruiters working together to match business owners with the skilled freelance talent.

The virtual talent MARKETPLACE is expanding rapidly, and gig workers are now the workforce of the future. Forbes estimates that as much as 40 percent of the US workforce is engaged in gig work. This new Gig economy offers those who embrace it the opportunity to grow without boundaries.

The most stunning statistic is that the gig workforce is on track to surpass the full-time workforce in size by 2027, according to a survey commissioned by Upwork and the Freelancers Union.

In addition to finding great freelance talent, it’s important to understand how to use freelancers to scale your business. Experts say that although freelancers are independent workers, treating them as part of your team is essential to maximize the value the freelancer brings.

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