Thriving in the Gig Economy

The New Way of Work: Growth Amid COVID-19

Using the new way of work, contract resources, and virtual recruiting businesses can experience business growth and increase scalability more than the old way.

The workplace is dramatically different than it was a decade ago. This was true at the start of 2020, and it is even truer today. In fact, change is the hallmark of what many are calling “the new way of work”. Change in what we do, in where and how we do it, and in the talent we hire to do it for us.

We need look no further than the COVID-19 pandemic to see such change in action. Every day, more and more states issue stay-at-home orders to combat the virus’ spread. Surviving — and even thriving — in such unprecedented, shifting circumstances without large cash reserves requires both the ability to rapidly scale (up or down) and the flexibility to deliver value in whatever way(s) the market needs.

As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, however, some companies are better prepared to do that than others.

“None of us knows what to expect right now,” said Elizabeth Eiss, Founder and CEO of the talent curation and virtual recruiting platform ResultsResourcing. “In a mere matter of days, countless small businesses in the U.S. have been thrust into a primarily virtual world without the necessary systems, processes, and tools to be effective. For many, that will not be enough to hold onto their customer base and they know it. And that’s unsettling, but it isn’t defeating. There’s hope.”

Embracing Change

“We can act,” Eiss explained. “But we have to act — and quickly. We can’t be too scared or cautious to shift and scale as rapidly as needed to thrive.”

“This is the time for business owners to work on their businesses, not in them,” she said. “Embrace the opportunity to do more by looking strategically at recent changes. What new service or product could add value for your customers stuck at home? How can you utilize ever-advancing technology to deliver your product or take your business higher? What contract resources might you hire to help? As business owners, these are the questions we should be asking.”

Delivering Virtual Value

“Right now, success is all about delivering value virtually, and not enough small businesses know how to do that,” said Eiss, “because it takes a lot more than a website. A website only makes a difference if someone is looking for a business by name. Leveraging the internet so you can be a presence in your community requires social media and marketing expertise — especially if you need to build that presence in a matter of weeks, as many do right now.”

“Speed is essential,” she added. “Anytime you need to make big changes in a short period of time, you must find the best help you can as quickly as you can. And while most business owners can find skilled workers on their own, they rarely can do it as quickly or as effectively as can an expert.”

Growing with Contract Resources

“When you need to shift or scale as rapidly as we’re talking, freelancers and other contract resources are the ideal solutions,” said Eiss. “Unlike employees, freelancers don’t just perform a task. They’re experts in their field, whether that’s social media management, business development, content writing, or something else. And, as experts, they bring insights that can help a business learn and pivot on day one.”

“At ResultsResourcing, we are the experts in freelance talent curation and virtual recruiting. Our mission is to empower purpose by finding expert freelancers and contract resources for businesses so that business owners can focus on what they do best. Sometimes that means interviewing the carefully sourced contract resources on our invitation-only platform to see which freelancer best meets our client business’s needs. Other times it means using our vast network to recruit fresh freelance talent to fill a highly specific role. Either way, with our help our clients can build a powerful, virtual team affordably and rapidly — both of which are crucial in the current climate.”

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