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Three Reasons to Hire a Solopreneur

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The Gig economy is rapidly creating new ways of working. Businesses are finding advantages to hiring freelance solopreneurs to fill vacancies, seasonal demand, and expansion.

The virtual freelance market is quickly expanding. Forbes estimates as much as 40 percent of the US workforce is engaged in gig work. The most stunning statistic is that the gig workforce is on track to surpass the full-time workforce in size by 2027, according to a survey commissioned by Upwork and the Freelancers Union.

Over the last several decades, the world has experienced several well-publicized workforce developments. First, it was outsourcing that led to offshoring. Today there is a ubiquitous transformation of work platforms and talent-sourcing that is revolutionizing not just how and where work is performed, but the way business is being done.

Through research, we identified three reasons that businesses should hire a freelance solopreneur.

  1. Value: Hiring a freelance solopreneur is more economical than working with a consulting firm or agency. Solopreneur rates are usually lower than a firm because you’re not covering the extra margin that comes with a larger agency.
  2. Speed: While it might take an agency or firm weeks to come up to speed, hiring a freelancer is often quicker because they are usually specialists in their industry.
  3. Quality: Because freelancers are personally invested in their work, the quality of their work product and commitment can be much higher.

The key to maximizing the benefits of hiring a freelancer is finding a great match between your business needs and the freelance talent you hire. Rather than spending hours searching freelance profiles, consider using a Freelance recruiting Platform that matches business owners to specific, vetted freelance talent. Not only will this save time, but it will also ensure your business maximizing the benefits of hiring a freelance solopreneur for a work project.

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