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Virtual Assistants Create Time So You Can Create Value

An on demand virtual assistant is helping a small business owner with admin work.

Time is one of the scarcest resources for small business owners. There are simply not enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks required to grow a small business. The question is: how can you get time back?

It’s not as challenging as one may think. Virtual Assistants offer a simple, well-rounded solution to help you create time in a more cost-effective way. Use of Virtual Assistants has become more common in the last decade. According the soon to be released book, The New World of Work (2nd Edition), the virtual talent MARKETPLACE is here to stay. Gig workers are now the workforce of the future. Forbes estimates as much as 40 percent of the US workforce is engaged in some type of gig work. This new Gig economy offers those who choose to embrace it, the opportunity to grow a business with no boundaries.

But with so many assistants to choose from, most business owners struggle to find a resource that matches their needs, is skillful, dependable, and a cultural fit. So, how do you find the right Virtual Assistant for you?

“We understand the value of time to a business owner, Says ResultsResourcing CEO Elizabeth Eiss. “Like the age-old adage says, time is money. That’s why we pre-vet all of our freelancers. We serve as a virtual staffing company that finds and vets freelancers for you, so you can simply select one and feel confident in your choice. ”

Of the millions of freelance roles requested, the one that is most often sought is a Virtual Assistant or what’s called a VA. These freelance VAs take over administrative functions from the business owner, such as travel planning, light bookkeeping, and even basic social media and marketing functions.

“The VA professional has long-been one of our most requested roles from our clients. For close to ten years, we’ve pre-vetted and matched VA candidates with business owners. As we learned what small business owners wanted, we decided to launch an On-demand VA Service to make it even easier for our clients to get matched with quality VA resources, typically in 24-48 hours.” Eiss noted.

“In addition to a fast On-demand MATCH to a vetted Virtual Admin, business owners can benefit from a comprehensive list of common administrative services, with no “minimum hours” commitment. This allows businesses to get VA support quickly and efficiently.” Eiss said.

Trends show employees want the freedom and flexibility of remote work, and business owners are reaping the benefits with more quality resources entering the gig economy workforce than ever before.  

  • According to the Gallup 2021 employment trends, Forty-five percent of full-time U.S. employees worked from home either all (25%) or part of the time (20%).
  • Separately, Gallup's State of the Workforce study conducted with more than 9,000 American workers uncovered numerous reasons for employers to consider bringing remote workers back to the office in a hybrid fashion -- spending part of the week at home and part on-site.

“The trends are true. Virtual freelancers are generally happier, more committed, and more engaged. In addition, ResultsResourcing's HUMAN-LED AUTOMATED Process ensures that our recruiters find the best resources available, on demand.

Click here for more information about ResultsResourcing's On-demand VA Service.

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