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Five Things Businesses Should Do Now for Post-COVID Success

Man writing out his business plan for post-COVID​ and narrowing down the things his business should be doing right now to set himself up for success. 

This an extraordinary challenging time for the entire world.  The majority of business owners are facing difficult decisions and massive amounts of change.

The most important leadership task right now is to support your clients as they struggle and pivot. Be intentional about how you serve them, and the ways you can support their success.

The second most important leadership task is to examine your focus, and realign and redirect it to set a course that will ensure our business’ survival.

Here are the Top 5 Things Businesses Should Do Now:

1) Take Stock: Don’t assume things will go back to normal. Take a step back and broaden the lens of what is and what could be. Balance the tendency to react out of fear.  

2) Get Feedback: Rather than assume what your customers and staff need, ask them. Engage them in the recovery. Position yourself to win, with all stakeholders being a part of the solution.

3) Make Small Pivots: This period is unlike any recession our generation has lived through and there is a tendency to match the extreme circumstances by making wholesale changes to your strategy and plan. However, there are too many unknowns, and too much uncertainty. The way to thrive becomes clearer by focusing on small pivots you can make and letting the small pivots lead you to success.

4) Systemize: With some much change, this is actually a great time to think through systems, processes and infrastructure. Codify processes and rethink how to run the business more efficiently. Build capacity and agility through systems.

5) Scale: What if this was your moment to take a giant leap forward? What if the pairing back was more like a pruning so you could flourish? Don’t be afraid to think through scaling to the next level as we recover from this pandemic.

If you’d like to learn from two experts who’ve scaled multiple businesses for decades, please join us for this webinar and take an in-depth look at how to reposition your brand for growth through, and on the other side of, COVID-19.

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