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Shoutout DFW Interview: Meet Elizabeth Eiss: Founder & CEO

ResultsResourcing and Elizabeth Eiss interview by Shoutout DFW

We had the good fortune of connecting with Elizabeth Eiss and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Elizabeth, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?

Ultimately, it was a compelling sense of Purpose that emerged and evolved, anchored by the confidence of successfully running a number of corporate businesses in my prior career. In the course of doing work I found the classic gap – a business need that the market was not addressing. In my case, this was a gap in the online freelance talent marketplace. I saw a better way to match businesses that need skilled, flexible workers with quality freelancers who could provide needed expertise. I was inspired to create ResultsResourcing® after hiring freelancers using online platforms myself. I noticed many job platforms were not designed for smaller companies yet were used successfully by enterprise companies with skilled HR teams. While there is abundant talent online, the process is extremely laborious for small business and many don’t have HR expertise. The result: inconsistent hiring decisions and the opportunity cost of time spent on DIY recruiting/hiring. I was confident I could enable small to mid-sized businesses to hire quality freelancers cost effectively. I designed and co-developed our proprietary platform, and business model, from the ground up with solopreneurs and small business in mind. Leveraging technology makes it cost-effective but the special sauce is that we integrate human hearts and hands to curate talent and humans actively support small business employers and freelancers.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?

Our goal is to help millions of solopreneurs and small businesses succeed and scale. As I mentioned in question one, I experienced first-hand the challenge of finding skilled, quality freelance talent using the well-known job platforms of today. I knew there was a better way that combined technology and human beings, resulting in a better experience and better results for both employers and freelancer workers. For small and mid-sized businesses, ResultsResourcing® is THE freelance platform that comes with your own recruiter. We merge human-led staffing approaches with everything great about online job platforms. The #1 hiring challenge for small businesses is finding quality talent. We are virtual talent matchmakers and enable businesses to scale quickly with skilled contractors. We also help the growing freelance workforce find meaningful, flexible work. So, imagine you’re a speaker, consultant, merchant, manufacturer, creative agency… you can hire a freelance virtual assistant, copy writer, customer service rep, and more, to get work done well. ResultsResourcing helps you outsource so you can focus on what you do best! I am passionate about helping small business scale. I developed an interest in small business due to a formative experience in my first career as a senior commercial insurance executive. The elite career path, like in most industries, was to be responsible for the very largest, most complex and prestigious accounts. At some point, I had this (obvious) epiphany that, using the Fortune 1000 as a measure of this finite universe: there were only 1000 of them – so competition would always be intense for this set of accounts. I began to thinking about serving the largest number of commercial business instead – SBA data shows 96% of US businesses have less than 49 employees, almost 6M firms. Another 30M businesses are non-employee firms. To serve small business well and profitably, you have to think from the ground up: you don’t have economies of scale to work with and you also have a business population that probably needs the most hands-on help. That problem became mine to solve and my mission to serve small business when revenue will generally be low and expectations high. This meant creating low cost/high tech combined with high touch approaches. I was also inspired by what Thomas L. Friedman has articulated well about our increasingly digital world. To paraphrase: while there is growing AI (artificial intelligence) there is a faster-growing need for IA (intelligent assistance) to help people use technology for their benefit. And intelligent assistance (IA) can only be provided by human beings through technology (AI). That’s what I focus on today.

Read the entire interview with Shoutout DFW Here.

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