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Canvas Rebel: Meet Elizabeth Eiss Interview

A photo of ResultsResourcing founder Elizabeth Eiss for an interview.
Elizabeth, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today Folks often look at a successful business and imagine it was an overnight success, but from what we’ve seen this is often far from the truth. We’d love to hear your scaling up story – walk us through how you grew over time – what were some of the big things you had to do to grow and what was that scaling up journey like?

Great first question! Well, the inspiration for my business evolved from consulting work I was doing about 15 years ago. I would hire skilled, contract freelancers to augment my consulting project team. I was good at finding excellent freelance talent and my clients noticed & began to ask me to find and vet freelancers for them. In the course of doing this work informally and working through the myriad of DIY job platforms, I found the proverbial gap: no human help for small business employers. I was sure I could design & build a talent platform that would do all the heavy lifting but would insert access to skilled human recruiters who would help the client hire contractors successfully.

So, in 2015, I incorporated and began to build the business model and the technology platform. In January 2017, we launched ResultsResourcing®: THE freelance staffing platform that comes with your own recruiter. You get the heart and hands of real human beings in finding, interviewing and vetting freelance choices PLUS everything great about online job board platforms. We do the work FOR you. For a small fee, we match your skill needs with virtual independent professionals, saving you time, hassle, opportunity cost and lowering your contract hiring risk. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our business has grown dramatically year over year: growth in clients served, freelancers served and revenue generated as a result of our quality matching process. How did we do that? How are doing that still? Three key ideas prevailed during all the ups and (hard) downs of building a business:

  • Scalable business framework: our business model and technology enable us to scale up.
  • Client driven innovation: we constantly listen to our clients (and the freelancers who serve them) and evolve our offerings to meet what our target clients need to be successful.
  • Outsourcing work to trusted independent contractors: we ”drink our own champagne” as the saying goes. We outsource work to appropriately skilled, performance-oriented, independent pros (& their teams) to scale operations as a hybrid workforce.

Read the full interview here.

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