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Podcast: Returning to Work after Divorce with Francis Financial

A graphic promoting the Financially Ever After Podcast: Returning to Work after Divorce with Francis Financial.

Elizabeth Eiss is the founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing, an online recruiting platform that matches employers with the right people. She is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and gig economy expert who is passionate about business and driving win-win solutions for buyers and sellers in today’s fluid talent market. Kelley Joyce is a career coach helping professionals discover their career path and land their dream job with confidence. She is the founder and CEO of The Truth At Work, where she works with individuals who want to take their careers to the next level. They share insights about all things careers, including tips for resume writing and calculating the value of your time. Elizabeth and Kelley discuss how listeners can elevate their careers and earn the income they deserve.

  • Technology has created marketplaces that allow people who need skills to find people that have skills. If you want to work as a freelancer, you need to know what you’re good at and be able to translate that into a technology platform.
  • Figuring out what you want to do with your life isn’t easy regardless of how old you are. Getting in touch with your ‘why’ makes it easier.
  • One of the stumbling blocks in getting your first job is a company’s objective to get results – this proves as an obstacle to many because they don’t have the results in the package the company is used to seeing.
  • When writing a resume, start by gathering information about yourself and then decide how you want to present it. The cover letter should include three compelling reasons why someone should hire you.

Listen to the full interview here: Returning to Work After Divorce

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