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Podcast Feature: Building Your Agency Team ROI

A promotional graphic for a podcast speaking event with Elizabeth Eiss. 

Elizabeth Eiss connects with Steve Guberman to discuss how agency owners can recognize their value and the ROI on the time they spend doing things OTHER than their CORE tasks, and most importantly, what to do once they know that. When and how to outsource, and where to find the right talent.

Elizabeth is the Founder/CEO of ResultsResourcing®, an online talent curation platform Elizabeth designed and co-developed. ResultsResourcing is THE freelance job platform that comes with your own recruiter. ResultsResourcing curates contract talent to help organizations scale. She is passionate about empowering the purpose of others through win/win solutions for buyers and sellers in today’s fluid talent market.

An accomplished, innovative leader, Elizabeth has successfully led multi-billion dollar organizations as well as start-up ventures in technology and staffing.

Access ResultsResourcing's ROI calculator to discover the value of your time: Value of Time ROI Calculator

Listen to the podcast here: Building Your Agency Team ROI

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