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Better Biz Academy: How to Establish Yourself As A Professional Contractor

Laura Briggs of The Freelance Coach hosts Elizabeth Eiss of ResultsResourcing in this podcast.

Are you ready to establish yourself as a professional contractor?

In the Military Spouse Careers & Business Podcast, Laura Briggs of The Freelance Coach hosts Elizabeth Eiss of ResultsResourcing to discuss the most in-demand freelancing opportunities, how to establish a professional identity, and how to showcase oneself as a professional contractor.

Things discussed in this episode:

  • What helps clients gain confidence and have peace of mind knowing that they’re hiring a professional contractor
  • How to showcase yourself as a professional
  • Discover common mistakes that new freelancers make that are easily avoidable
  • Elizabeth shares inspired her to start a freelance platform
  • Why Elizabeth feels freelancing is professionalizing
  • Why in order to be hired, you have to be found
  • Building a hybrid team
  • How to establish your professional identity
  • How to speak your client’s language
  • The most in-demand freelancing opportunities
  • How to make a client feel like you’ve heard them and deliver results
  • Advice for a new freelancer to get their very first client

Podcast on The Better Biz Academy >>

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