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July 24th, 2024 at 12 PM ET

Explore how solopreneurs and small business owners (just like you!) have revolutionized their businesses with  virtual assistance.

Are you a small business owner looking for effective yet flexible ways to overcome business challenges? Join our webinar to explore real-world success stories highlighting how you can maximize time to benefit your business (and bottom line). Plus, explore actual roles that can be outsourced and how they impact business scalability.

Learn to create time and increase business success with fractional support. Don't miss out!

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Here's what you'll gain:

Learn about the Frontier between Human Virtual Assistants (HVA) and Digital Assistant Tools (DVA:

  • High-level review of the role of digital tools (think: tasks) and human support (think: brainpower) in businesses today.
  • Learn how human virtual assistants bridge the gap between what technology can do and the outcomes you want.

Bring Success to Life with Real-World Case Studies and Data:

  • Dive into 4 real-world situations where business owners needed flexible support to solve a specific business challenge and learn how ResultsResourcing provided the freelance talent they needed.
  • Explore several desired outcomes sought by clients and gain a sneak peek into the roles outsourced to accomplish those outcomes.

Explore the Cost/Benefit of Virtual Assistance & How to Afford It:

  • Dig into two ROI of Time case studies where we’ll review data from real business owners and discuss how they achieved results and saved money by defining core vs non-core work and outsourcing back office work.
  • Examine how a virtual assistant can fit your budget.
  • Compare the costs of a full-time employee versus a freelance pro.

Don’t miss this opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of business owners who embraced the value of their time and freelance assistance to scale their businesses.

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Speaker Information:

Elizabeth Eiss is a well-known speaker on entrepreneurial growth and sought-after expert on the future of work, business performance and culture, on-demand talent/virtual staffing trends, as well as leadership transformation from intrapreneur to entrepreneur.

Photo of Elizabeth Eiss, CEO and Founder of ResultsResourcing

This short, high-impact workshop is for you if you want to:

  • grow your revenue and impact
  • learn what work to outsource and how
  • dive deeper into how freelance talent can help you based on real-world examples and data-driven results

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