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Growth is the biggest benefit to hiring on-demand or freelance talent, according to a recent article in Spend Matters. The skills and business teams needed today often shift before they've produced a single deliverable.

There are many components to a business’ growth and scalability. For many businesses,  skills agility can provide organizations with the specialized talent they need to fill critical skill gaps in a cost-efficient way. This notion is one that is typically difficult to achieve with the traditional temporary or permanent talent divide we see today. A strategy for growth includes capturing scarce talent, moving more nimbly, and positioning your company for growth in fast-changing markets.

Here's how to achieve success:

  1. Quickly move on new opportunities:
Using on-demand talent to bridge gaps and add capacity helps you grow quickly. Start by thinking in terms of tasks and results rather than in terms of broad roles. Draw from both internal resources and freelance specialists to assemble the best team for the job.
  2. Try before you commit:
On-demand talent enables you to pilot new ideas before building them out for the long-term. Organizations can also benefit from the experience of freelance talent who have completed similar engagements and can provide insights to help you make better informed decisions about the future.
  3. Obtain hard-to-hire skills:
Increasingly, the best talent is independent and finding ways to integrate employees and flexible freelancers is good for business agility. Even if hired for a just a short-term project, freelance specialists can help you structure new ideas for success that your core team can then execute.

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