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The early days of an entrepreneur’s career are thrilling – and a little grueling. You’re constantly hustling to meet with current clients, find new clients, and grow your business. However, after a few years, many business owners realize growth through their individual efforts is limited by time and capacity. They reach a plateau and discover that the tools and contacts they used to promote and grow their business are no longer adequate to move to the next level.

One solution to scaling growth is to create an online marketing strategy. However, the impediments of time, expertise, and money prevent many from creating and executing successful marketing campaigns:

  1. Time is an issue because managing the business is already full-time work, so time is limited for non-essential tasks (which often includes marketing tasks).
  2. Most entrepreneurs are not experts on the ins and outs of marketing which makes it challenging to know what to do, how to do it, and whether it works.
  3. Most small businesses are still growing, so they likely have limited access to capital.

Additionally, best practices for digital marketing and rules for advertising are constantly evolving making it challenging to stay on top of the most current information.

For example, there are the regulations around marketing a financial advisory company. The 2020 reforms to the Investment Advisers Act added new regulations to an already heavily regulated industry, including new advertising rules. According to Jay Clayton, the Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman when the Act passed, “The marketing rule reflects important updates to the traditional advertising and solicitation regimes, which have not been amended for decades, despite our evolving financial markets and technology. This comprehensive framework for regulating advisers’ marketing communications recognizes the increasing use of electronic media and mobile communications and will serve to improve the quality of information available to investors.”

Fortunately, help exists. ResultsResourcing, a leading talent curation and freelance recruiting platform. ResultsResourcing will pair a business owner with the exact marketing talent to match their needs. While ResultsResourcing does all the hard work to recruit and virtually vet these freelancers, their clients make the final decision.

“Every job is assigned a recruiter to review the candidates and whittle them down to the top few,” said Elizabeth Eiss, CEO of ResultsResourcing. “We work with email campaign experts for newsletters, graphic designers for images and design and copywriters for website or article text. We can also find researchers who can help identify a financial advisor’s target market and where they are online.”

If you're curious about how utilizing virtual freelance talent can benefit your business and help you better use your time, check out the proprietary ResultsResourcing ROI of Time calculator to reveal the actual use of your valuable and finite time.

Let ResultsResourcing optimize your workforce. Book your free 30-minute, no obligation session and join Elizabeth Eiss for a conversation to learn more and define your talent needs.

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