Quality Matters

We find the
right freelancer
for your job

At ResultsResourcing, we screen for candidates across multiple job boards to find your custom Talent Pool—a group of invite-only, pre-vetted virtual freelancers who are an ideal match for your job.

Other job boards may claim a pool of “pre-vetted freelancers,” but they have been screened in general, not with your job in mind. That’s our (not so) secret sauce.

We reduce traditional hiring time to under two weeks. All we need is enough time for the best freelancers to see your job and submit proposals we can vet for you.

Freelancers on the web
Top candidates
Ideal freelancer
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When finding the best talent matters.

Right Resource. Now.

Let our recruitment team find your ideal virtual freelancer. It’s an easy three-step process, with success guaranteed.

  • When you need to find the right resource now.

  • When you need a unique set of skills or experience.

  • When you want to scale your business.

  • When you need on-demand resources.

  • When you can't afford to fail.

An icon representing a Job Profile web page with a checkmark over top.
  • Sign up to create a highly effective Job Profile using our robust Job Profile questionnaire.
  • Identify your needs—from hard and soft skills to software requirements and budget, and everything in-between.
  • Our Job Profile format has been infused with decades of hiring expertise to ensure you attract the right freelancers.
An icon showing a magnifying glass hovered over one of three freelancers.
  • We conduct an extensive talent
    on your behalf.
  • We search multiple job platforms, review hundreds of candidates, and invite top candidates to bid on your job.
  • We review dozens of proposal submissions, interviewing the finalists.
  • We create a Talent Pool Shortlist of the top 3 ideal choices.
  • We develop a detailed write up for each candidate summarizing their suitability for your job.
An icon representing a job profile document of an ideal freelancer.
  • Review our recommendations, along with detailed freelancer profiles and proposals
  • When you’re ready, hire your virtual freelancer directly from our platform
  • Pay your freelancer using our secure online payment system
  • We even deal with the headache of 1099 administration, so you don't have to
  • We'll follow up with a job check-in within two weeks to ensure your success

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Select a qualified freelancer from a talent pool we recommend with our Recruiter Package. If you aren’t satisfied with your selection in the first 30 days, choose another!

An illustration of an office scene. Half shows the reality of an entrepreneur trying to hire a freelancer on their own. A question mark is visible on the monitor the entrepreneur is reviewing. A clock shows time passing, an inbox is full, and a sweat droplet comes off their brow. This is juxtaposed with the happy scene of the same entrepreneur looking at a monitor with an image of an ideal freelancer and an empty inbox.
Solving the #1 small business hiring problem

Worth every penny

ResultsResourcing solves the number one small business hiring problem—finding qualified workers. We provide on-demand, specialized virtual expertise to power your business for short-term, long-term, or part-time needs.

Our Recruiter Package pricing is dependent upon the complexity of your job search requirements—each talent search costs an average of $600. It's a small investment in comparison to doing it yourself; most business owners would spend more than 11 hrs and $1,500 (and that's if they find the right person the first time.)

Still interested, but on a tight budget?