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Facing A Critical Talent Gap? You Are Not Alone.

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Did you know that 84% of companies are facing critical talent gaps? The key to solving this crisis is simple with virtual freelancers, although many business owners may not see or understand the benefits using them.

Critical Talent Gaps

In order to ensure long-term viability, companies need to find and retain the right people with the right expertise. 84% of firms are currently facing critical talent gaps that they find difficult to fill internally.

Of the firms surveyed:
  • 88% of organizations agree that specialized talent is essential to the long-term viability of their organization.
  • 66% of organizations agree that the primary barrier to their long-term success is finding the right people with the right skills.
  • 55% of organizations believe they do not have the right talent in their internal workforce to get the job done.

The solution is simple.

Organizations need to think holistically about finding talent.

By shifting to a holistic perspective when considering talent needs, companies can be more competitive and solve their gap crises more efficiently. The freelancer industry is growing and by incorporating independent experts into their company’s workforce – businesses can quickly fill skills gaps with qualified professionals.

Skilled experts can work independently and/or collaboratively, allowing companies to maintain momentum an with ease. Freelance professionals can save businesses time, money, and resources through a number of avenues and can provide organizations the opportunity to scale by outsourcing non-core work. This non-traditional 'on-demand, Gig Economy' solution has the power to transform industries.

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!”

ResultsResourcing prides itself on some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. If you’re ready to start hiring virtual talent and want the support of a highly professional recruiting machine. Learn more and get started today.

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